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Intimate CBD Lubricant


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You can use this one anywhere you like – and we really do mean anywhere. It‘s sleek, slinky and sensuous.

With no added chemicals, preservatives or anything synthetic, it’s skin safe and will make any night one to remember. 

Best Intimate CBD Lubricant 2021

It’s PH-neutral and helps maintain your body’s natural balance. Women report that it can reduce discomfort and dryness – but everyone says it blows their mind. And that’s because as well as organic, highly purified coconut oil, our magical potion contains pure cannabidiol – or CBD – extracted, legally, from cannabis plants. It increases bloodflow straight to your erogenous zones – and kicks stimulation into overdrive. We don’t cut corners; life’s too short. There’s a full 1,000mg in every bottle. Be as decadent as you like. Thanks for being with Fleur D’Amour website.

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