Fleur D'Amour

Organic Plant Based Lubrication & Stimulation

Fleur D’Amour has revolutionised sensuality for the 21st century – by drawing inspiration from nature. Our orgasmic, organic CBD Lubrication and Stimulation products will stimulate your senses – and satisfy your mind, body and soul. 


Our flagship collection – an extraordinary stimulation serum, and a skin-friendly, plant-based lubrication.


We insist on every woman’s right to pleasure – and to good health. So, all Fleur D’Amour products are 100% natural, using only organic, plant-based ingredients. We refuse to use chemicals, artificial fragrances or preservatives. 


Two revolutionary products

Latest Products

CBD lubricant 

You can use this one anywhere you like – and we really do mean anywhere. It‘s sleek, slinky and sensuous.
With no added chemicals, preservatives or anything synthetic, it’s skin safe and will make any night one to remember.
It’s PH-neutral and helps maintain your body’s natural balance. Women report that it can reduce discomfort and dryness – but everyone says it blows their mind. And that’s because as well as organic, highly purified coconut oil, our magical potion contains pure cannabidiol – or CBD – extracted, legally, from cannabis plants. It increases bloodflow straight to your erogenous zones – and kicks stimulation into overdrive. We don’t cut corners; life’s too short. There’s a full 1,000mg in every bottle. Be as decadent as you like.

  • Plant Based Organic
  • Skin Friendly
  • No added chemicals
  • Organic MCT coconut oil
  • 1000mg certified CBD isolate in every bottle
  • 100ml dropper bottle

CBD Stimulation Serum

You’ll never fake it again. Use our orgasmic feminine serum with a partner, or when you’re flying solo! Place a few drops directly on to your clitoris, inner or outer labia. Then hold tight. 

Our unique blend of oils and botanical extracts heighten sensation beyond belief, and can make your orgasms fuller, faster, and more fabulous. It contains seven natural stimulating and aphrodisiac botanicals that increase blood flow to send sparks flying.  

We blend simple, organic coconut oil and organic essential oils and purest extract of vanilla, cardamom, cocoa, peppermint, ginger and cinnamon – along with 350mg of CBD per 30ml bottle – and nothing else. The coconut oil helps your body safely absorb the CBD – and transports it right where you want it.

  • Plant Based Organic
  • Clitorial Stimulation
  • CO2 Extracted botanicals
  • Increased Bloodflow
  • 350mg certified CBD in every bottle
  • 30ml dropper bottle